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i Wanna Chord shows an easy way to get YOU playing the piano NOW.


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We hope you enjoy your visit. This website had been setup to be a musical resource for any musician no matter what age.  Please check out the publications section.


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“Why Chords?”

    •    Play your favorite songs without sheet music

    •    Improvise with confidence

    •    Not bound to the sheet music

    •    Easier to read than music scores

    •    Easier to memorize songs

    •    Helps you write your own music using chords

    •    Helps you play by ear

    •    Chord charts condense songs to fewer pages

    •    Keyboard and guitar players can use the same chord charts

Our approach is simple: 

We teach chords, rhythm and the basics of theory in a fun and practical way which allows students to play several songs in just a few lessons.

Why? Over the past few years we have noticed many people giving up on learning music because of their frustrations. Many were frustrated because they had been taking music lessons for years and still could not just sit down and play anything except their recital piece from the previous year. Some were intimidated by all the notes even after years of lessons. i Wanna Chord was birthed after seeing much of this frustration and knowing that there is an easier way to learn to play.

Note: We are very much in favor of musicians being able to read music as well as play by chords; therefore, we encourage every musician who plays only by chords to learn some basic theory and learn to read notation. We also realize that chords are the building blocks on which music is written and arranged; therefore, we encourage those who play only by sight-reading to learn some basic theory about chords which will help to read chord charts and lead sheets.


Question & Answer


Q1. Do I need a piano or a keyboard at home to take piano lessons?


I would recommend a keyboard of some sort, a piano is fine but it needs to be tuned! But you can also use an electronic keyboard to practice on.  Keyboards come in different sizes, 88 keys if full size just like a piano, then there is 76 keys.   I would recommend at least a 76 key piano keyboard.

Q2. What are the benefits of buying an electronic keyboard?


There are many benefits in buying an electronic keyboard.


Different Sizes - Keyboards come in 88, 76,  and 61 keys

Portability -  Electronic Keyboards can easily be moved into different locations and are very portable and lightweight.

Instruments/Beats - Most keyboards come with lots of different instruments and beats. Some keyboards allow you to record what you play. 

Tuning - Electronic keyboards don’t need to be tuned.

Volume - Keyboards come with volume control.

Headphones - You can plug in your headphones and practice without disturbing anyone else in the room.

Midi  - Many electronic keyboards can be plugged into a computer (via midi)  for recording.  

Price - If you are a beginner keyboard player and don’t want to spend a fortune  - you need to check out my page on buying a keyboard.  I have listed keyboards from beginner to professional.

Q3. What kind of keyboard should I buy?



Size: Do you want a full size keyboard? (88 keys) or will 76 keys be enough for you?  Remember, if you purchase an 88 key keyboard and need it portable, make sure it fits in your vehicle.  

Portability: Some keyboards look like really nice furniture and are designed to stay in one spot while others are designed for portability.  To protect the keyboard from drops, scratches etc. some musicians buy a hard case to protect their instrument. Again, take into account the size of case needed so that it will fit in your vehicle.

Weighted/semi-weighted keys:  What kind of feel do you like when playing the keyboard?  Do you like the feel of a real piano? If so weighted or semi-weighted keys  are for you.  

Voices: Are you looking for a piano sound, or do you want to have the choice of different instruments? 

Ease of use: How complicated do you want your keyboard to be? Some keyboards are like a computer with multiple layers of menus. Be sure you don’t buy something that is too complicated.

Speakers: Check to see if your keyboard has built-in speakers.  If not, you will need to buy external speakers (sound system).

Pedals: Make sure you have the ability to plug in a sustain pedal.  Check to see if your keyboard comes with one. If not, you will need to buy one.  

Stand:  What are you going to put your keyboard on? When buying  a keyboard look for deals that come with a sustains pedal, stand and stool.

Midi: If you want your keyboard to be used with a computer it needs to be midi compatible.

Buying a keyboard.


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