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I Wanna Chord - 

“How to play by Chords by Ronnie Leyland”

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

ISBN: 9781498435611

i Wanna Chord How to Play by Chords offers a unique approach to teaching music theory.

The mention of music theory often makes some think of tedious, boring details that take too much time and effort to learn.  Not so with i Wanna Chord! Each topic has explanations and graphics to make music easy to understand.

Don’t delay, start playing today! Let i Wanna Chord take you on a journey that will encourage your musical ability and bring out the gift that is in you.

What this book covers:

I Wanna Chord - “Christmas Carols by Ronnie Leyland”

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

ISBN: 9781498484190

i Wanna ChordChristmas Carols” helps you play carols NOW.

Many musicians find it frustrating when playing Christmas carols because of the many chord changes, difficult key signatures and lack of chords above the staff.  Some musicians want to see chord charts without any notation, while other just want to use the number system.

i Wanna Chord “Christmas Carols” contains three sections:

Section One: Lead Sheet and Chord Charts

For the musician who wants to see the melody line without the Alto, Tenor, and bass parts while having traditional chords above each verse. The matching chord chart has been provided following each lead sheet.

Section Two: Simplified Chord Charts with bonus Guitar Tabs

For the musician who needs fewer chord.  This section had been written with the guitar player in mind.

Section Three: Number System Charts

For the musician who plays using the number system.

Christmas carols have touched the hearts of young and old for many generations.  We hope you continue to enjoy singing these songs in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.